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humalogic Partners are at the forefront of the relationship retail economy, taking profits from big box retailers and putting them in the pockets of your family.

earn revenue everytime someone buys based on your recommendation plus you receive an instant custom sales website, backend office support, marketing and growth support as well as our award winning on the go sales app.

and did we mention free healthcare for you and up to 6 dependents. plus your are eligible for amazing perks, like monthly bonuses, our monthly $5,000 random credit card payoff, our exclusive Range Rover program, use of humalogicAIR for business and vacations our $35,000 college tuition grants plus so much more!

with humalogic you own your relationship retail channel. no more seeing something you love, telling a friend about it and a big bullseye logo company makes the profit, at humalogic you make the profit they would have.

humalogic partners have access to some of the most advanced sales tools, (even some that those big-box guys wish YOU didn’t have), allowing fast efficient sales and profit right into your pocket. imagine telling a friend about how you clean your house with bananas and water, then BOOM you can ship it to them right from your phone and dollars in your pocket!

it just takes one interaction to begin growing your humalogic retail business, a friendly conversation, an amazing demo or a single post on social media. As you begin to talk more, your team begins to grow. Every new member on your team is like a corner store you own.

humalogic provides all Partners with free healthcare, period, full stop becasue we believe you shouldn’t have to worry about the little things while building your empire. humalogic takes care of all your shipping and processing and drops your earnings checks right into your bank. No warehouses, no stocking and no inventory. Every team member you support gets the same powerful tools to help scale and grow their business and yours. the power of people is pretty amazing

“it starts with an idea, turns to a dream and evolves into reality”