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our kitchen cleaner is designed to clean every inch of your eating environment with just bananas and water. poisons don’t belong in our foods and they sure as heck don’t belong in the cleaners we use to clean where we eat. tough yet gentle and safe, that’s humalogic kitchen


Toothpaste all over the sink, grime and gunk in the shower? Have you been elbows deep in the engine bay of that ’65 mustang and you’ve managed to get grease all over the bathroom leave it as is for your better half to find and we can recommend a good divorce attorney. Humalogic bathroom will keep your marriage happy and your bathroom gleaming. spray and wipe. Humalogic bathroom also cleans all the hard water, toothpaste, gunk and grime from your shower, toilet and more.


Spray away that mustard from three days ago on that shirt you haven’t washed in two weeks. squirt a bit of humalogic Fabric on it and throw it in the wash, you might actually see it disappear before you make it to the garage

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