humalogic® is rooted in nature and nanotechnology. Developing natural cleaning products is our commitment.



no alcohol and no big words 

Bananas + Water  

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humalogic difference

No Poisons, Just Nature
humalogic uses just 2 ingredients to do what others dream of. Our proprietary nanotechnology allows the creation of products tailored to a specific task without pumping the product full of poisons, chemicals and big words.

Bananas + Water


It’s pretty simple but absolutely amazing all at the same time.




That’s it! But the way we have figured out to mix it all up allows humalogic to do what other green cleaners could only dream of.



Everyone promises, not everyone delivers.

We promise safe products.

We promise to always tell you what’s in our solutions.

We promise to never hide anything in a fragrance.

And we promise to listen.


humalogic products are non-toxic, eco friendly and organic.

Safe around your children, Safe around your pets. Safe around your home.

We use humalogic in our own homes, around our own families and around our own pets.



It’s not just good enough for us to produce an amazing cleaning solution. We go further by inventing amazing tools and accessories only members can buy.  All developed to help create a cleaner safer environment for you and your family


Our Planet

It amazes us what passes for green products these days. humalogic doesn’t pretend to be green because of a cool bottle then hide everything in a fragrance.

We walk the walk and talk the talk.


Whether it’s a question on ingredients to how humalogic does what it does or how you can become involved with our movement, we are always here to listen and answer.