what's humalogic all about?

when humalogic was born we asked a ton of questions and made it a point to do things differently.

  • – we asked… why are their so many big words in ingredients?
  • – why do we always trust what our friends use?
  • – we thought… why do big box retailers make so much money?
  • – we always believed we should take care of our family.
  • – why do we import so much when everything we need is right in our backyard?

from that point forward we began building humalogic. simple ingredients, easy to understand products, no big marketing words, turn profits over to partners and make sure every partner had healthcare. that’s humalogic, a family of people who want each other to succeed. a family who wants better for the future and a family who demands safe products.

this is humalogic

it all started with a banana and
a dream

when we were kids our grandma used banana peels to clean mason jars before pickling foods. for some reason that’s one of the memories that stuck with us as we grew. five years ago we decided to turn grandma’s little trick into a real product. a lot of nerdy science later we figured out how to bottle a cleaner made from bananas and water that cleans just about anything you can imagine without poisons or big words. 2 ingredients, that’s it. bananas are where it all started, and it’s becoming so much more.

our co-founder explains why bananas

our co-founder sergei knew bananas had powerful properties and had always been fascinated with the perfectly packaged yellow powerhouse of potassium. as a professional inventor, he took his knowledge of product development and set about with his co-founder to develop the worlds only 2 ingredient cleaner made from just bananas and water. 5 years later, here we are and humalogic is sharing the passion of full circle organic products with the world through. a revolutionary relationship retail system.