hello humalogic

always organic, ingredients you can pronounce and healthcare for all partners. that’s humalogic.

“we didn’t like corporate, so we created humalogic to allow everyone to realize their dreams and freedom.”

It all began with an idea. What if we could make a 2 ingredient cleaner from bananas and water? After 5 years we figured out how to do it. Then we decided that we didn’t want big-box retailers telling us how to sell our growing line of products, so we created humalogic and are on mission to empower our supporters and partners with not only the cleanest and easiest to pronounce products but taking the profits out of the pockets of big box retailers and paying them right to our partners. Oh… and we also decided we should give every partner free healthcare, because well, its just the right thing to do.

Christina + Sergei, Co-Founders

why humalogic?

glad you asked...

...it's simple

with humalogic you own your distribution channel. no more seeing something you love, telling a friend about it and a big bullseye logo company makes the profit, at humalogic you make the profit they would have.

humalogic partners have access to some of the most advanced sales tools, (even some that those big-box guys wish YOU didn’t have), allowing fast efficient sales and profit right into your pocket. imagine telling a friend about how you clean your house with bananas and water, then BOOM you can ship it to them right from your phone and dollars in your pocket!

it just takes one interaction to begin growing your humalogic retail business, a friendly conversation, an amazing demo or a single post on social media. As you begin to talk more, your team begins to grow. Every new member on your team is like a corner store you own.

humalogic provides all Partners with free healthcare, period, full stop becasue we believe you shouldn’t have to worry about the little things while building your empire. humalogic takes care of all your shipping and processing and drops your earnings checks right into your bank. No warehouses, no stocking and no inventory. Every team member you support gets the same powerful tools to help scale and grow their business and yours. the power of people is pretty amazing

the good stuff

no big words, just really good products

natural nutrition

simple to understand ingredients, easy to use daily. humalogic nutrition is the only way to start your day

humalogic naNUKA Honey spray is the worlds first honey mist providing the power of Manuka Honey in a simple spray….and it ships free with every Nutrition bundle.

two ingredient cleaning

yup, bananas and water, thats it. nothing else, no big words and no fragrances. the world’s only 2 ingredient cleaner

humalogic cleaners can be used just about anywhere.

clean canna

bananas started all this...


it all started with a hatred for the poisons in cleaners and bananas in our cereal. what if you could use bananas to clean anything? We spent a ton of time and money to figure it out and created the worlds only 2 ingredient cleaner with just bananas and water! its pretty cool science but in simple terms we use nano-technology to break apart water molecules and infuse them with banana sourced potassium. what we get is a super high pH solution that’s safe and gentle but crazy powerful.

then we decided to make the other products we were using on the daily better without all the big words that mean nothing but are really kinda fancy words for nasty ingredients….catch our drift here…..

we weren’t done there…. when all our products were perfected we asked ourselves, “selves, why would we pay retailers all this money to sell our products when the people using them are our best champions?” so we decided to put a big middle finger up to the retail establishment and pay YOU what we would be paying the retail giants.

christina on humalogic

Christina has a long corporate work history, but she always felt like there was something more, something that she could share with others. when she had her first little one, Christina realized it was her moment to help others pursue unrealized dreams and joined forces with her co-founder to create humalogic.